Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1950's Ruffle Tulle and Lace gown

A perfect dress for young girls looking for a vintage prom dress. Its a 1950's vintage dress and is the perfect light weight shade of pink. I would suggest this to any young girls who are planning to go for a different look for prom. Pair this dress with some beautiful vintage turquoise earrings and it will really make the your face pop!  A very similar style can be found at:

1960's Red Sports Blazer

This red sports blazer is the ultimate trend this season and is perfectly reminiscent of the 60's era. This picture doesn't stylize the blazer to the best of its abilities but a nice v-neck t-shirt would be great to pair this with for a more casual look and a button down shirt with a  bow tie for a dressier appeal. It can be found at:

1980's Sweater (VAn Heusen)

A 1980's sweater vest layered over a button down dress shirt and tie  is one of my favorite looks on a man. It the best stylizing tip if your going for a casual but dressed up look. It can be found at:

Retro 1980s Disco Suit Vest

This retro style 80's disco vest would look amazing with a skinny red tie. Its reasonably priced for a vintage item and can be worn in many different ways. The vest can be found at:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1950's Mens blazer sportcoat jacket

This 1950's vintage sports coat blazer is so reminiscent of this era. Its a wool tweed blazer that's tailored very well and has a satin lining. The blazer is also pretty well priced for a vintage jacket and can be found at:

1948 vintage swimsuit

This is another pricey item but is a vintage look pulled straight out of the 1940's. Its super cute and form fitting and can be found at

1950's Hawaiin print halter dress

this dress is a little pricey but definetly worth its value. Its hardley worn and exhibits the exact type of vintage look that was worn during this era. It can be found at

Vintage 1950s Halter Dress